Friday, May 22, 2009

A Little Old Fashioned?

Show and Tell

I love old cross stitch and embroidery. I did the one on the top right years ago. The one underneath was found at a yard sale. The cottage was done and I finished the rest. The top left one I bought because of the saying, "Dear Home You Are So Very Small, Just Room Enough For Love That's All". My husband purchased the bottom left one for me. It says, "Bless Our House On Every Side, Bless Our Door That Opens Wide". It may be a little old fashioned to have these in our living room. I have been thinking of moving them to the guest room, as I have more antique furniture in there. I would miss them though.


Bellamere Cottage said...

Hi Arkie!

Thanks for coming to visit....and for sharing the story of your sounds like she had a wonderful friend in YOU!

About the pix......'ya know...I'm a NO RULES kind of's your home and you should enjoy what makes you happy. Is there a "style" for a happy home? I say, if you love 'em........leave 'em!


Small House said...

I bet they look wonderful in your living room. I'm with you, I love handstitching. OF ANYKIND!

I enjoyed your garden post below. The gnomes are great. Very cute. I had to smile at the front door and windows.
Have a great day.