Monday, June 15, 2009

Moving Things Around

Oh, no, we're moving things around in the computer/guest room again! Phoebe wants to be near but has learned that small round older dogs should stay out of the way when boxes come out and things get moved around.

Phoebe is just not sure it is safe to be out and about after all that moving around. Maybe she will get moved around too?

I just moved some books out of storage and I'm wanting to paint the room ( but may not?). I want to do more of a Patriotic theme ( with a splash of bears!). Change is good! I haven't changed this room in a while. It was the main guest room until my daughter got married, then it became the computer room/extra guest space. My husband uses it for his music room also. A lot to ask of a 10X11.5 room isn't it! Now, you see why Phoebe is in hiding!


Coloradolady said...

Oh I have a room like that here. I am trying to decide paint color now. It is Tiffany blue (that was my daughters choice) She is gone from home now, so the room still holds her stuff, my computer, etc.

I want to make it into a sewing/maybe a computer room. And can not decide on a color. something light I know....yes, change is good.

This Country Girl said...

It's time for a change in our guest room too! I just found a bedspread at GW yesterday that I think has given me the starting point!

Your room does have multi uses! Have fun with the redo!

The pets are so funny about change like that. Our cat, Bambi, is always so curious when we do anything different and she follows us everywhere when she senses we are going somewhere or moving things around instead of hiding! :)

Poor Phoebe! Those big eyes!

Have a great day!

Kelee Katillac said...

I LOVE Phoebe.