Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Find The Ten Things Wrong With This Picture!

Remember the fun pictures in Highlight magazine for kids that you found a certain number of things wrong in the picture? This is sort of a not so fun version of that.

There are at least 10 things I want to change in this picture. (1) The white formica backsplash (2) the white formica countertop (3) the old white sink (4) the cabinets (5) the window (6) the window sill (7) the faucet (8) the paint on the wall (9) more indirect sunlight for my violet and (10) replace the little brown vase on the left, because when I was trying to take care of my violet, I broke it into a hundred pieces!

I love colored glass vases in the window or anywhere they can reflect sunlight into my house. A dear lady I worked for in TX designed her house. She had a small window put over her refrigerator instead of a cabinet just so she could put her colored glass vases and bottles on a tray on top of her refrigerator. The sun came in that window in the morning and reflected the colors into her kitchen and breakfast area. It was beautiful! Now, I do this to remember her and have a little lovely color in my tiny white kitchen.


Small House said...

I actually couldn't find anything wrong! And I love all the different colored bottles and jars.

Have a great day.

This Country Girl said...

I think we're always our worst critics! Your window looks fine! All of that color looks very cheerful! I can imagine how it looks when the sun is really beaming in!

Have a great weekend!