Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two Guys That Makes My Heart Hum!

This is Corbin! He is two months old now and about twice the size he was at birth.

This is Cavin! He is almost 5 months old and much more than twice the size he was at birth.

They are different in almost every way already, but both mean so much to me!

I recommend grandchildren very highly!


Marcia said...

They are both so beautiful! Congratulations to the proud Grandma and your entire family!!


This Country Girl said...

Aww...how sweet they both are! Believe me, I look forward to the day I have grandchildren! You are really blessed!


J. Paige said...

So sweet. I can't wait until my little grandson is ready to leave the hospital so that I can start the hands-on, really fun grandma stuff!

Jessica and Duglas said...

Ohhh they are beautiful children! And they have gorgeous smiles!