Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hail and Rain!

We had a really good rain! It started with a little hail and then lots of rain ( for us anyway). We had just watered a few plants earlier that day.

The rain sometimes comes down so fast that it fills up the low spots and roadways in our area quickly. This rain may have saved my lawn from being just a brown area. Now it is time to fight the weeds. They really sprout when they get a little water.

Everything does a better with a little water.

Especially, little boys!


Brenda Eason said...

I loved your school story. thanks for sharing with me.

This Country Girl said...

Oh love that baby boy so happy getting a bath! What a cutie!

Have a great weekend!

Small House said...

The word on the street is rain is coming our direction. Don't want the hail though.

That baby, is the sweetest, happiest little thing! CUTE!

Kelee Katillac said...

It has rained here for two days non-stop!

What a sweet boy....

love, kelee

KBeau said...

Cute baby picture of your little boy. We sometimes get a pretty good hail storm here as well. In fact, we had one earlier this spring that piled up hail against the back wall of my house. So much that I took pictures.

Linda said...

Precious little baby boy! I can't believe that hail - wow! Linda

Jessica and Duglas said...

Aww your baby boy is a cutie! I love little boys. I have one except he's not little anymor. He is almost bigger than me.