Tuesday, October 27, 2009

High School Reunion

I relived my past and survived! We were just a small class in a small town. Twelve girls and twenty boys made up our class 35 years ago. I recognized all but one of the 16 members of our class that made it to this reunion. It was fun to see them again. Some of them I hadn't seen since we graduated on that Friday night of May so long ago. I do wish more had been able to come. We invited all that had attended classes with us during our twelve years in school. Some we had lost touch with completely, and some just weren't interested in coming as they live in our hometown still and see a lot of the classmates everyday almost. I wish more had brought pictures of their kids and grand kids. How fun to talk with them and remember all the silly things we did. How serious we were back then and how silly it all seems now. We had some good laughs. The school building we attended school in is no more. They finally burnt the building and dozed what was left down. I would have liked to walk the halls again. It was a rock building with a slate roof. All twelve grades were in the same building. I attended all 12 years of school there. ( I did have one semester of Kindergarten in OK.) My mom attended the same school. She will have her 60th reunion next year. How time flies! I always thought "old" people were crazy when they said time flew. I must be really old now as I say the same thing. Time has flown! Somehow, I changed from a teenager to an old grandmother. I still can't believe it has been 35 years since high school! I have been married 36 years. Figure that one out! I told you it was a small town!

Our high school principal and one of our junior high teachers came to be with us. We gave them every gray hair they have! And to think, they still like us!


Brenda Eason said...

That is great. I know it felt great to be able to attend such an event. What a blessing to have your principle and teacher there. Wow great post.

Lori E said...

Thanks for stopping by. I only went to one reunion and then I decided that the same people I didn't like back then were the same shallow people today. Those that I did like I pretty much kept in touch with.

J. Paige said...

Oh, I'm so glad it was fun. There seems to be a special bond between the graduates of a small high school- my mom still loves her reunions!