Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day!

My husband's dad served 24 years altogether in the military. He started at 17 in the Navy. He switched to the Army after WWII. He served in Germany, Korea, and Vietnam.

My dad only served at the end of WWII. He was in Japan serving as part of the men rebuilding areas that had been bombed. I'm not sure who the guy on the right is, but the one on the left is my dad.

Both of our dad's were proud to serve our country. They loved the USA as do I and my family! I wish I could tell them again how proud we are of them and their service. Sadly, they have both passed on.

Don't forget to tell a Veteran how much you appreciate their service for you and our country!


Small House said...

Beautiful post. The young men who served in World War II were so willing to go. My husbands father served in World War II. We owe allot to these young men.

Joycee said...

So true and we are reminded of the sacrifice they made every day of our lives. My Dad and Father-in-law were WWII vets, my brother a Vietnam vet.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Beautiful tribute....what brave men...and pretty darn handsome too!

Have a wonderful day!

Warm blessings,
Spencer glad to hear you're liking Windows 7.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

What a great post and tribute! We've set aside a special day in our homeschool group to bring veterans or do a show-n-tell next Tuesday! I can't wait! I think they're VERY SPECIAL!

Have a great weekend!