Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Simple Christmas

This has been one busy week! I did want to share just a little of my Christmas decorating. I am really keeping it simple this year. Every Christmas, as long as I can remember, we have had this candy cane on our tree. ( My sister has a red one and my brother a green one.) It won't be where you'll notice it right away. It is usually on the back side. I know it is there. It gives me comfort being there. The memories it holds are priceless to me.

The red flocked balls are from my preteen years. My mother gave them to me when our kids were small. I added the red ribbon. I do love some red at Christmas! I seem to have a thing for red birds also.

I found this ornament at Cracker Barrel. I wish I had bought more!

A few more cardinal's were found at the dollar store and Hobby Lobby. I crocheted the snowflakes about 8 years ago. ( I think I made about 200!)

This is our small Christmas tree this year. We just didn't want to put up a big tree. We have two crawling grandsons coming for Christmas! My star is a little crooked and a wire is showing. Oops! ( I know. The tree is really made for outside.) The next picture is of a small project I did very late one night, using some felt I had on hand.

Are there red doves? I don't think so. This may be a redo soon. I saw someone (can't remember who) posted some cute birds made out of sheet music that had red or gold glitter wings. I would love to try to make some of those!

This is what I am working on now. A red bow for the wreath is my on the way!

This Santa was made by a dear friend of mine. She makes the prettiest rag rugs and crafts! I have a large rag rug and a tree skirt she made for me also. I love them and I love her too!

These poor snowmen belong to my kids. I made them when they were young. They are all in their 30's now!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


J. Paige said...

I'm so glad you shared the memories attached to your decorations. I wish I had some of the ones that I remember from my childhood... I still can't believe you made 200 snowflakes- that is just amazing!

Anonymous said...

pk @ Room Remix
Thanks for sharing your ornament memories! That little Santa is so clever and cute, too. Have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

Love your Christmas decor! My Grandmother made some of those snowmen for my mom when she was little too! :)

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

I remember flocked Christmas ornaments! I wish I had some! The Cracker Barrel ornie is darling (that's such a fun place).

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


Small House said...

So pretty! My mother in-law crocheted beautiful ornaments just like yours. They are wonderful.