Friday, August 29, 2014

Catching Up!

Busy Summer!

Can't believe it has been so long!  We just stay so busy it is hard to find the time anymore.  School has started and made some changes to our life (again).

Summer has been fast and fun.  


An air base open house.

Lily's 4th birthday!

A (too brief) visit to see our other grandson.

Lots of backyard fun!

Back to school!  Lily is in preschool and Cavin is in Kindergarten.  Our other grandson started Kindergarten also.  Time is just flying on by.

Maggie is just waiting for the kids to come home in this picture.  Maybe we will both be able to find more time as our schedule gets more routine, and we will be back to blogging again.  Until then, hope you are having fun out there!

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