Friday, June 19, 2009

Play Strong Scarf

I joined Kelee at Katillacshack in decorating scarfs to help lost or abandoned dogs. The deadline is July 6th, if you are interested in participating you will need to hurry! For more information, go to:

Here is Phoebe Faye wearing the scarf. I didn't do it all myself. My husband helped do the little embroidery flowers on each side of the word buttons, sweet. (My hand wouldn't let me finish, so he stepped in. Hurrah!) Phoebe loves to pose, especially if you have a treat in your hand!

Here is Maggie May wearing the scarf. She is a real rescue dog. We got her in 2006 from the local pound. Look below and see how she looked then. She is such a sweet dog!

We didn't find Maggie on Petfinder ( She was called Sunnie then.) We saw her in the pound when we were looking for a companion for Phoebe. She wasn't in the little dog section but in a cage between two very large dogs. She was also very wet! They had washed her cage out just before we came. We thought they had sprayed her but later found out she loves to chase water and get wet. We fell in love with her right away! Sunny was a cute name but she just looked more like a Maggie to me. A trip to the vet, a good cleaning, and she was our dog! I can't imagine not having her around.

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Arlette said...

Very sweet pups wearing very cute yo-yo topped scarves. Kudos and blessings to you for choosing adoption.