Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Bath Time!

Phoebe doesn't enjoy a bath. She knows when you get her towels and shampoo out that it is time to find a hiding place. Her she is under the bed in the computer room. Hiding behind the many musical instruments my husband keeps. I don't know how she got her fat little body over all of them but there she sits. My husband had to crawl under the bed and get her. Once the water part of the bath is over, she settles down and gets to playing. I think it is the relief that the worst is over. It is for her anyway. We still have to dry her. I don't know if any of you have pugs, but it takes forever to get one dry! They seem to have more hair than a sheep has wool. We start off with towels, at least 4. Then, we follow with a hair dryer. Then, after several hours of her resting on a towel, we take her outside to brush.

She enjoys the brushing. It takes a while though. Thank goodness it is windy usually when we brush her.

This is just a little of the hair that she sheds after her bath. The rest is all over the yard. The birds love to gather it for their nests. Something you may not know about pugs - they shed a lot! They shed all year long. You can brush, rub, buy special shampoo, vacum and dust and you will still have hair everywhere. We have had 3 pugs. They all shedded tons. This is my daughter's beloved pug. She will be the last pug I have in my home. We love them - but, the hair is terrible. If you don't mind the hair, they are very loving and playful pets. Good thing we LOVE Phoebe.

Maggie had her bath also. She loves getting all wet. She sheds very little and dries in about 15 minutes of frisbe time.

She doesn't mind that Phoebe sheds. She loves Phoebe too! I guess we're hooked on our (babies) dogs!

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Kelli said...

Awww....they are so cute!

This Country Girl said...

It's really funny how they know when they're getting a bath. My mom's chihuahua does that and the dog we used to have was the same way! Then after the bath, she'd feel so good and go running through the house so happy and carefree!

Your babies are cute! :)


Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

They are both so cute - our dog hates baths!! thanks for sharing :)